Legally Sourced

B.P.S. Milcom purchases from suppliers who source wood products legally in countries actively committed to well-managed forest and will refrain from trading in endangered species prohibited under appendix 1 of the Cites Convention. EUTR timber regulation compliance.

Supply Chain

It is recognized that the timber and timber products traded within the group are truly sustainable. They all originate from well managed forest sources. Regular purchasing audit visits and long standing supplier relations are established within the business.

Quality Control

Careful selection on sourcing and precision machining are fixed points on the company activity. Specializing in the production of semi-finished teak, we are able to achieve any measure and section according to particular needs. Our woodworking activity is focused on old grow teak. We are sourcing the logs only from best harvesting area, whereas our sawmill provide the final manufacturing. Our sawing division is specialize for the whole range of cutting of rough lumber to get different finished products according to the quality standards.