Teak is probably the best-protected commercial species in the world. Elephants are still being used extensively to extract teak because of their low impact upon the environment. Elephants do far less damage to forests than heavy caterpillars and other logging equipment. Teak is not a tropical rain forest species. It grows sparsely in mixed deciduous forests. In its natural environment there are only 1 to 5 trees per acre in the best growing areas.


Teak wood is always a great choice, however, whenever possible you should consider buying the highest grade you can afford to ensure you are getting the best in quality.


Teak FEQ (First European Quality) is a quality indicator for teak. Teak FEQ is sorted on wood that does not contain sapwood, knots and wormholes. The teak FEQ is heart free sawn and is mixed-grain.  Teak FEQ is for many purposes applicable, however less applicable for straight grain purposes. For this purpose, B.P.S. Milcom imports special quarter sawn teak wood.

Before shipping, our employees will check whether the teak meets our quality standards. B.P.S. Milcom has opportunities for a project-oriented approach to purchasing, processing and storage.


The characteristics of a teak log are determined by its conformation, cylindrical and straightness, regularity of annual rings, color and texture and presence or absence of black stripes and bee-holes. A study has indicated that there are variations in the characteristics of teak based on its location. Weather and soil have a great impact on the characteristics of teak. It is probable that weather has a greater effect on the characteristics of teak.

King of the Woods

B.P.S. Milcom is the specialist in teak wood. Due to our many years of experience as a supplier to the wood industry, we know what is needed. Teak is a wood species like no other and is called the ‘King of the Woods’. Because teak is a precious wood type, it is important to fulfill a requirement as close as possible. This ensures optimum efficiency by minimizing saw loss. Both the diversity of dimensions and qualities and the volume make us fully focused on this.